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All of Our Best Study Tips

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The time is here! You’ve put a lot of hard work and time into your schoolwork and now we’ve got to pass those exams! This time can be super stressful, but being prepared can make it all a whole lot easier on you. If you have absolutely no idea where to begin, that’s ok! We’ve made a study tip list of all the tricks that have helped us to ensure you bring home that A+!

  • Plan Ahead
  • Planning ahead is the key to a successful final grade. There’s nothing worse than having to cram everything you need to know the night before your big test, so try to begin studying as early as possible to make sure it’s all engraved in your mind by test time.

  • Be Colorful
  • Did you know it has been proven that writing/highlighting with different colors help your memory? Not to mention it makes studying more fun and beautiful!

  • Find a Study Buddy
  • Do you have some good friends from class? I’m sure they are just as stressed about that big test! Having people around helps give you new insight into the material you maybe wouldn't have known otherwise. Plus what better way to prepare than having people quiz you?!

  • Snack Time
  • Taking a snack break is always good for the brain! Keeping your brain focused and energy levels up are healthy and essential. Try a bowl of trail mix or a bag of popcorn! 

  • Explore Quizlet
  • If you haven’t used Quizlet, you’re life is about to change! Making flashcards can be super boring, but this online study tool has totally changed the game. After your cards are made, try out some fun exercises to help you remember everything you need to know!

  • Location, location, location 
  • Where you study can make all the difference in the world. Find a spot you know you will be comfortable in. If the weather is nice, try sitting outside! Fresh air will help you feel relaxed and calm!

    Hopefully, after reading this list of tips you feel a little better about preparing for your tests. Just remember to relax and try to make the whole process fun! You got this!


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