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Friday, March 2nd was crazy.  

An after school photoshoot was on the books and we had a whole lot of swimwear to photograph.  The weather called for somewhat warm temperatures, sunny skies...but that wind y'all...the outdoor shoot definitely had to be moved indoors.  My photographer Erin and I scrambled. The week before I scheduled three models and a hair and makeup artist.  Luckily my friend Michelle is in the process of building her home on Daniel Island which meant bare walls and perfect light.  Unfortunately, the builders were painting the interior.  Oops.  Plan C-go back to the outdoor space, take cover and tell the girls to bring robes to stay warm.  Plan C failed.  Plan D-move the location to another building under construction (we had shot catalog there before) and make the haul with equipment and clothing up three very, very, VERY long flights of stairs.  Hair and makeup needed to cancel, so the moms jumped in straightening hair, applying makeup, all the while remaining so positive.   

The shoot turned out to be one of the best yet.  Through all the chaos, everyone made the best of it and not one single person complained or panicked (except me).  So I really want to give a shout out to the moms who went above and beyond, the girls who always do a fabulous job, but most importantly to the  photographer extraordinaire, Erin Turner.   She is my ride or die, my rock, and Scraps Of Magic wouldn't be the same without her.  Together we are truly winging it, but there's something really magical and organic about that.  Pretty soon you'll be browsing on the website and when you come to the pics that feature swimsuits, I hope you chuckle a little bit.  Know that it was a crazy day, we're all winging it, and Scraps Of Magic is so much more than just about the clothes.

I thought this was a great picture of Erin and one of our models, Kallyn.  Photo Cred:  Kallyn's mom, Kerri Long.  


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