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Q&A with Scraps of Magic founder, Elizabeth Baldwin

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As a mom of a tween, Elizabeth noticed the market for age appropriate and cute clothes for tweens and teens was very limited. She decided to change this by creating Scraps of Magic! We sat down with Elizabeth to discuss why she founded Scraps of Magic, the impact the company has made on tweens, and more. Check out our Q&A below!

What inspired you to start Scraps of Magic?
Shopping for my tween daughter was so hard. There were very few places that carry age appropriate clothing for an 11 year old. She’s too young for Forever 21 and way too old for babyish matching sets. I decided to fill the gap by creating Scraps Of Magic, a site that suits many tweens (and moms) tastes. The clothes are not covered in graphics or glitter and they are well made. I put all of my focus into girls sizes, 7-16 and each piece is carefully hand picked by me. 

What is your favorite item you’re currently selling?
Stripes are my favorite this summer. The Ragdoll and Rockets french terry maxi with pockets is my favorite. You can throw it on and head to the beach, wear it to dinner or just lounge around the house. 

Any details on what’s coming soon?
Back to school, of course! We have an amazing fall line coming and that’s everyone’s favorite season to buy new clothes. We’ll be introducing our new denim line and of course, new athleisure.

How has Scraps of Magic impacted Tweens?
My goal is to make tweens feel special and to have a shopping experience that is just for them. I also try to incorporate tweens into the business and that’s been so fun. I use a tween hair and makeup artist, a tween to shoot all of our behind the scenes footage at photoshoots, tween influencers and my own tween to help me choose brands we carry. We try to keep it fun and really positive. No one feels left out and everyone has a purpose. I feel that’s the most important thing you can do for any tween girl. It’s a tough age!

What are your goals for the brand’s future?
We have goals and they are BIG for Scraps Of Magic. I have to keep competing businesses on their toes so my lips are sealed for what’s coming next. All I can say  is it’s a “Go big or go home” situation:) People from all over the country are taking notice of the website and I’m prepared for the expansion and growing popularity of Scraps Of Magic.


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