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Q&A with Scraps of Magic Girls, Kelly Grey and Ellie

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During our last photoshoot for our Resort Collection, we teamed up with a teen and tween, Ellie and Kelly Grey, to help with hair and makeup! We love working with young local talent and wanted to introduce you all to them! Check out a little Q&A with the two below!
  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    Kelly Grey:  Hi my name is Kelly Grey Taylor and my hobbies are hair and makeup and all star competitive cheer! I go to First Baptist School. I am in 6th grade and I am 12 years old.
    Ellie: I am a Junior at Oceanside Collegiate Academy. I dance at Peace Love Hip Hop on Daniel Island and I enjoy writing, makeup, and shopping.
  1. How did you get started doing hair and makeup?
    Kelly Grey: So I started doing makeup by putting on my mom’s bright red lipstick and I practiced a lot with my mom’s old palettes and makeup. And after that I got really good at it! I started doing my hair when I was about 6 or 7 and eventually learned how to do a braid then French and etc!
    Ellie: I got into makeup and hair about two years ago but my love for cosmetics sparked from when I would observe my mother when she would get ready for events or dinners.
  1. What’s the biggest makeup mistake you can make?
    Kelly Grey: The biggest makeup mistake I have seen is when people don’t blend that well and the eyeshadow color sticks to the foundation.
    Ellie: A mistake that teens and tweens should avoid is allowing makeup to hide their true beauty. Makeup should be for fun!
  1. Tell us about your experience doing makeup for Scraps of Magic's recent shoot.
    Kelly Grey: I absolutely LOVED doing makeup and hair for Scraps Of Magic! It was so fun and I would assist any day again! I loved meeting all the models and getting to see the new bathing suit collection! Absolutely adorable!
    Ellie: Doing hair and makeup with Scraps of Magic was such a wonderful experience! The models are so beautiful and kind, filling the shoot with energy and excitement. I am so honored to be working with Elizabeth, as she is such a driven and inspiring woman!


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